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Vol.34: The Drunk in the Shiny Suit (Webb Pierce’s “There Stands the Glass”)

Webb Pierce's Decca single, "There Stands the Glass"

The exact opposite of one of Pierce’s “silver dollar” Cadillacs.

Webb Pierce – There Stands the Glass (1953, Decca)

Why It’s Perfect: How would you describe Webb Pierce’s voice? Even in a genre known for yodelers, warblers and other pitch eccentrics, Pierce had a unique instrument. He didn’t so much sing as play his sinuses like a pedal steel. Compared to other genres, country music has always had a high tolerance for strange looks, strange behaviours and strange voices so long as they were convincingly Southern looks, Southern behaviours and Southern voices singing good, Southern songs. Thus, Webb Pierce and his enormous ears, mesmerizingly tacky Nudie suits and Theremin-like throat, became arguably the biggest country star of the 1950s. 1953’s There Stands the Glass was released in the first year of Pierce’s star run at the Grand Ole Opry when everything Pierce touched turned to gold but, like most great country songs, seems to be about a man whose life has totally gone to shit. Continue reading



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